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English language is considered as a wider means of communication and the widely studied subject across the world Admittedly, English is the international language in terms of vitality. However, to learn English to the outer circle of English speaking community has always been proved as a striking challenge so far along with the expanding circle by the language learners both native and non-native found it arduous and difficult; especially in a country where English plays the role of a foreign or second language.  Over the course of time, to reduce the degree of difficulty of English language, curriculum and program planners have developed a number of English language teaching programs such as TEFF, ELT, TESOL etc.

When learners learn a language, listening, speaking, writing and reading are important. Reading one of the importance which is linked with other skills. There are many advantages associated with reading. Reading is one way which can develop our knowledge of English language. As an example reading English newspaper, books would be a great way to develop language. Reading newspaper let us know what has happened in the world. It will not only develop our knowledge of language but also the knowledge of surroundings. By reading newspaper, learners get to know the use of grammar, accurate vocabulary in the sentence. Through reading, learners can develop their knowledge of use of vocabulary in context that how vocabulary plays role in different context. Another thing is when people write, they usually use “correct” English with a proper grammatical structure with proper vocabulary. So, by reading, learners learn grammatical English naturally. In language learning, it has proven that when learners learn with an interest they learn faster, so if a learner choose something to read that they like, as an example sports, it will not only develop the knowledge of sports but also English language. Reading can also improve learners’ memory and focus skill.

Readers must keep some points in their mind if they are English learners and if they want to develop their English language through reading. First of all reading at the same level is an important thing. Learners should read what they will understand. Make a note of new vocabulary. It will not only improve vocabulary, but also the language. Reading regularly is another important tip, even if it’s for a short time. To enhance language proficiency when you read, try to keep a dictionary. It will help to understand the meaning of unknown vocabulary. Last but not the list, read according to the interest level. Reading with interest can speed up learning more.

Every skill is equally important but in this article I focused on reading skill only. According to me if we want to improve language proficiency we need to give equal importance to reading skill. We must develop a habit to read regularly if we want to improve English language.

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