How to improve communication skills

How we communicate with our surroundings? Is it enough? Do we want to improve it? How can we improve it? Communication is a part of our life. We communicate every time, anywhere with anyone. Having good communication skills is important. It can help you not just for presentations in class, but also in job interviews, when having arguments, talking with foreigners and in other situations. This article is about how to improve your communication skills.

In communication it is necessary to know what this communication is about. It is a process to transfer ideas, messages and thoughts between two people. To take forward your communication, you have to know the basic of communication skills. For example, what is the topic, what are those areas which the person is covering who you are communicating with etc. To improve the communication skills you need to listen more. Listening is an important skill. Proper listening can improve your speaking skill. To communicate properly, listening is mandatory. Proper listening from the speaker will open a proper, perfect path to communicate effectively. In this scenario ask for clarification to avoid misunderstandings. At that moment, the person speaking to you should be the most important person in your life. Try to have one conversation at a time which will help you to understand because having multiple conversations can create confusing atmosphere. For example if you are speaking to someone on the phone, do not respond to an email, or send a text at the same time. This is another tip for writing. When you are communicating through writing, check the spelling and grammar. In this case you can take help from some apps like Google translator, dictionary apps etc. Double check what you have written, to make sure that your words are communicating the intended message.

To improve communication skills try to practice more. If you are trying to improve your speaking skill, try to communicate more and more. If you are uncomfortable in front of some unknown people, try to practice with the one you are comfortable with. In speaking learn more vocabulary, flowery words which will help you to communicate in a more effective way. In writing, practice writing more, write spellings more. Whether you are speaking or listening, looking into the eyes of the person with whom you are conversing can make the interaction more successful. Eye contact encourages your partner to be interested in you. Here one way is to consciously look into one of the listener’s eyes and then move to the other eye. Keep one thing in your mind that when you are communicating use gestures with your hands and face. Use smaller gestures and with a change in that for individuals and small groups. Good pronunciation skill is another important skill in speaking. When you are communicating, try to pronounce words perfectly. You can practice it alone and improve your pronunciation skill. It will make your communication skill more attractive.

Communication is an unavoidable part of our life. You can express yourself better and communicate more clearly to others, which can save a lot of misunderstanding and frustration. It will also help you to connect better with people, make you better at influencing people, and generally make it easier to get what you want in life.

Blog By ‘Anannya Ishrat’