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Freerice is a website where people can play and donate 10 grains of rice for each correct answer through the world food programme to help people. It is basically a multiple-choice quiz game where people get questions and for each answer, they donate 10 grains rice. I found this website very different and interesting. The goal of this website is to provide education to everyone for free and help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.

In this website, they have five different languages, English, Spanish, Korean, Italian and French. In this website, the language is easy to understand. Here they are not using that much hard vocabulary. The language input is friendly enough. They provide full information in different sectors. They have different types of subjects and the language of each subject is not hard. Here the player can play the game in their own language. This is the first website that is providing this type of opportunity to learn and side by side donate. Through this game, people can learn many vocabularies along with some other knowledge about language. It is a fun and impactful game. It is a very good site where learners can develop their English proficiency level by giving varies answer. This site has multiple questions for learners.

I would describe it as a very user-friendly with a very strong purposeThere is no doubt actually that this website is very interesting and useful but the question comes that whether this website is helpful everyone or not? This website is very organized and well maintained. All the sections are separate. If we talk about the user-friendliness then I will say this is very user-friendly. No too much confusing options. Everyone will get direct questions whenever they will open the site. There are some points which can make this website more users friendly, composed and modern. In Bangladeshi context, this site is user-friendly, easy to understand the language. The top menu is actually offering many options and the color of the website, font, and size of the text making it more visible.

Freerice website is a very helpful learning site with one great purpose. It helps people to increase their knowledge about various types of subject. According to me, there is a lot of chance to learn. The learning opportunities are high compared to another learning site with some good purpose. In this site, people get different types of words in English vocabulary, different comparative easy math questions, grammar etc which people can learn and side by side they feel the passion to give as many answers as they can. This playing system leaning makes it unique and impactful. One thing which I have noticed that whatever the options in each question they give, are different. As an example in English vocabulary section, they ask one synonym of one word and they show one correct answer along with totally three different distracters. So it’s not that much difficult to give answers.

If we talk about the motivation part of this website then I can tell it is really a fun game for the learners who want to learn. As a learner, it motivated me in many ways. It creates a demand inside me to know more and more. It makes a challenge to give a correct answer and for that, the learning opportunities go high. As there are different subjects so learners can easily choose their subject and it makes this site more motivating for the learners. This is not just a learning site like some other site so the option of playing and learning makes this site unique and motivating for the learners.

Freerice is really a good source to learn and play along with a donation. The purpose of this site is really good. There are many sites which are good for learning but this site has some purpose with some teaching purpose. It can be very useful for the teachers and students as well to teach and learn. The Internet is giving many opportunities to learn many things so we should take the advantage of this and Freerice can be an excellent tool for this. I am giving the address of the website and suggesting learners to visit and make it a part of their regular life.

Blog By ‘Anannya Ishrat’